Protective coatings

Knowledge of protection requirements. Whether it’s new construction or maintenance, on-shore and off-shore, Schaepman offers the right products that meet the most stringent conservation and protection requirements.

  • Vinyl primers and topcoats
  • Micaceous iron oxide-containing product
  • Chlorinated rubber systems
Steel bridges
  • epoxyprimers
  • 2-pack anti-graffiti coatings
  • Vinyl primers and topcoats
Concrete works
  • special primers
  • 2-pack topcoats
  • 2-pack anti-graffiti coatings
New constructions
  • epoxyprimers
  • 2-pack PUR coating brush and spraying
  • Alkyd systems
Floor coatings
  • Waterborne 2-pack epoxy floor coating
  • 2-pack epoxy floor coating
  • 2-pack PUR floor coating
  • 2-pack epoxy primers
  • 2-pack epoxy topcoat
  • 2-pack HS PUR topcoat