Industrial coatings

Knowledge of the industry. Thanks to a years on end strategy of continuous specialization and customer service, Schaepman has gained a top position in the market. Our products find there way in many industrial sectors. Whether it is for the heavy truck industry, production of medical equipment, coating rollingstock, or painting the interior of cars or luxury yachts, Schaepman has the appropriate products.



Medium and heavy truck industry
  • Waterborne 2-pack primers
  • Waterborne 2-pack topcoats
  • Effect topcoats for bumpers and grill
Agro- & heavy duty equipment
  • 2-pack primers and HS topcoats
  • Air drying primers and topcoats
  • Waterborne 2-pack systems
Consumer electronics
  • Cold sol-gel lacquering
  • Heat resistant Sol-gel topcoats
  • Metallics
Medical equipment
  • Etching primers
  • Water and alcohol resistant topcoats
  • Effect topcoats
Special coatings
  • Heat-resistant topcoats
  • metallics
  • glass- and blistercoatings
  • Waterborne UV paint
  • Metallics on plastic interior parts
  • softfeeling coatings
General finishing
  • Wash primers and epoxy primers
  • Air drying primers and topcoats
  • 2-pack topcoats for brush and spraying
Yacht and interior paint
  • Waterborne stains
  • Waterborne paints
  • 2-pack topcoat blanc
Rolling stock
  • Waterborne primers and topcoats
  • Waterborne anti-graffiti topcoats
  • Waterborne roof topcoat